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HSE Policy

The health and safety of staff and the protection of the environment are our paramount importance to the board of management of Legasi Selatan Sdn Bhd.

It is our policy to ensure that all works are provided with a safe working environment and that all working procedures are in accordance with sound environment principles.

To maintain this policy, the company’s objective are;

  1. To prevent all occupational illness, accidents and incidents.
  2. To ensure staffs at all levels understanding their responsibilities towards HSE.
  3. To prepare and keep up to date guide lines on HSE matters in all areas operation.
  4. To providing adequate training in-house or through recognized training institutes.
  5. To providing the opportunity for staffs to participate in the development of standard safe work practices and in the identification of safety hazards.
  6. To ensure that the necessary personal safety equipment is available and properly used to protect employees from those hazards, which cannot be eliminated.
  7. To develop and maintain HSE work practices and reporting procedures with statutory guidelines and clients requirement.
  8. To be sensitive to the local community concern about the environment.
  9. To promote environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility in all staff company, suppliers and clients.
  10. To employ the best environmental standards and procedures to protect land/water resources even in the absences of any requirement to do so.
  11. To ensure all staffs and all others who may be affected either directly or indirectly by companies’ activities have the opportunity to lead a safe and fulfilling life without disabling injuries.

Our company recognizes that the achievement of these aims requires the active participation of all Managers, Executives and Staffs with the ultimate responsibility for its implementation and maintenance resting with the Managing Director.

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